In some countries, International mail items have been temporarily suspended due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us before order.

Shopping Guide

Step 1.

Click on “ADD TO CART” on the product page to add an item into the shopping cart.

Click on the shopping bag icon in the top right corner on the webpage to check the shopping cart after your purchase.

Click on “CHECK OUT” to check out after confirming all the details.

      Leave the comment if you have any special request.


Step 2.

Login or click on “SIGN IN” to apply for membership.

Go straightly to the next step if you have already logged in.


Step 3.

Fill in the delivery information.

Click on “Continue to shipping” after filling in.


Step 4.

Reconfirm your email address and delivery address.

Reconfirm the delivery method and freight, then click on “Continue to shipping”.


Step 5.

Please choose the desired payment method. Fill in the billing address if necessary.

You are about to complete the order, please reconfirm all the information you filled in is correct.

Click on “Pay now” after confirming the details.

Step 6.

You have completed your order. You will receive an email for confirmation.

Please note that the stock is not confirmed yet by this stage, since our goods are being sold simultaneously on various platforms, and it is possible that the goods is sold on other platforms but not yet updated.

If no cancellation notice is received within one working day, it could be deemed that the stock is confirmed and your purchase will be shipped.