Return Policy

Goods Return/Swap Terms and Conditions

Fingertips Co. (the “Company”) does not accept any order cancellation request from any customer in principle. The contents of the orders shall not be amended.

Please check carefully the items and the relevant colours, sizes, prices and quantities you have chosen when placing orders. Choosing that incorrectly shall not be accepted as a reason for cancelling orders.

Upon receipt, please check the goods before cutting off the inspection tags. No goods with the inspection tags cut off shall be accepted for return/swap for whatsoever reason.

Please contact us by email within two days (including the delivery day) if the goods are severely damaged or flawed.


Goods return and swap

No goods return or swap request from customers shall be accepted in principle.

We shall describe the quality of the goods as detailed as possible and provide photographs to customers for reference. However, signs of usage, such as slight wrinkles, miss of stitches and scratches, of used goods are inherent and unavoidable. Please familiarise yourself with the nature of used goods before placing any orders. Goods whose defects have been clearly described or those without any deficiency in functionality shall not be cancelled, returned or swapped.

Cancelling orders, goods return or swap shall only be accepted in principle in case of any of the followings:

  • The goods delivered is not that ordered by the customer
  • The goods is damaged during shipping
  • The authenticity of the goods is in doubt

If any of the above occurs:

  • Please do not cut off the inspection tag. No goods with the inspection tag cut off shall be accepted for return/swap for whatsoever reason.
  • Please contact us and return the goods to the Company by way of cash on delivery in accordance with the instructions set out in our email.
  • The Company shall process refund upon receipt of the goods and confirmation of the case. We shall despatch another goods in the case of goods swapping.
  • If the authenticity of the goods is in doubt, the Company shall, for the sake of fairness, engage third party identification services to identify the authenticity. If the goods is identified as authentic, the identification fees and freight costs shall be born by the customer. If the goods is identified as forged, the Company shall be responsible for the entire identification fees and return the costs of the goods in full.


Situations that goods return and refund shall not be accepted

Goods return/swap shall not be accepted in case of any of the followings:

  • There are indications that the goods has been used after delivery
  • The inspection tag is cut off (whether intentionally or not)
  • The goods has been cleansed by the customer
  • The condition of the goods is different from that upon despatch
  • Any of the accessories, such as dust bags and brand warranty cards, is lost
  • Over two days upon delivery of the goods (including the delivery day)
  • On Sale Items
  • The colours of the goods shown on various computer monitors and mobile phone screens may be slightly different from its original colours. Such colour difference shall not be regarded as a defect of the goods.
  • Please unpack the goods as soon as possible upon receipt to confirm the goods.
  • Please return all items, including identification cards of branded bags, promotion gifts and catalogs, in the original packing when returning the goods. No goods return/swap shall be accepted if any item is missing.

On Sale Items

No on sale items shall be accepted for goods return or swap. Coupons are not applicable to on sale items.

For any dispute, the Company’s interpretation and decision of the terms and conditions shall be final.